Bijoux Dinh Van

Dinh Van jewelry

It was in Paris in 1965 that Jean dinh van opened his studio with an ambition: to invent an essential jewelery, less solemn and more personal. It offers women jewelry reflecting their personality. Its collections are freed from the traditional codes of jewelery, which are the appearance and discomfort of massive ornaments.

A free spirit, dinh van creates jewels to reveal the personality of those who wear them rather than impress those who watch them.
A jewel dinh van recognizes itself among a thousand. Contemporary and timeless, it offers pure, simple and gentle forms to become the jewel of women, men and children.

The symbols used by dinh van are universal, born from the optimistic observation of the time and its contemporaries, like the collections that made the brand successful: Target, Pi Chinese, Seventies and Handcuffs dinh van.